I bet that we have all done it - wrapped up a gift so well that it takes the receiver ages to strip off all the sticky tape and layers of wrapping paper. Why? To build up the anticipation and excitement of course! This thing, the gift or secret compartment box maze does exactly the same thing but without all the waste! It is also reusable and makes a fascinating object for the executive desk.

The box consists of two parts - the bottom has a maze pattern on the inside which three 'nubs' on the top have to traverse before it can be fitted or removed. Like any puzzle, how long it takes and how much turning and twisting is needed to remove the top and reveal the contents of the box depends on the individual and to be honest, luck plays a big part.  However, I reckon that I can get the top off after about a minute or so, (sometimes two) - long enough to make the exercise intriguing and to let the excitement build but not too long - we hope!

 Outside dimensions of the closed box are approximately 60mm diameter and 62mm tall, the inside - for the gift or secret 'stash' is approximately 43mm in diameter and 52mm deep. 

The box in the photograph was printed using glacial blue filament from Faberdashery.

Save the Cork! 

Not a slogan you hear on a regular basis, (if at all), but have you noticed how the cork is gradually being replaced by screw tops on bottled wine? Now you can save the cork and create instant memories all at the same time by creating Corky the pig and Corky the fish!

These things, designed by uauproject and published on Thingiverse at the end of December 2013 use a wine cork to connect two 3D printed pieces to create either a pig or a fish which you can place on your desk to remind you of that "special evening" or simply give away for a bit of fun! They are sized to fit over almost every wine cork but be patient - you may need 24 hours or so to allow the cork to expand from its compressed state in the bottle.

Cork pals are priced in pairs which fit well on the build plate of my Mendel90 printer.

It isn't easy to pick a category for this thing - an easy puzzle, a stress reliever or a decoration? What is for sure though is that it will spark the curiosity of anyone who sees it!

I made this thing to display as a  mesmerizing brain teaser on my desk and got Léonie to assist with the YouTube video HERE.

Designed by  Emmett Lalish and published on Thigiverse on 7th February 2014.

I made two sizes of the Heart Gear thing. Pictured here is one of two which were 3D printed using Firetruck Red PLA filament. This one is the smaller of the two, measuring approximately 85mm tall, 85mm wide and 55mm deep. The stand was designed by RH Morrison and printed using Crystal Clear PLA filament.