The maze cylinder has an "entrance" and "exit" for the outer ring on the bottom and top respectively. The challenge is to feed the ring from bottom to top or to remove the ring from the middle of the maze cylinder as fast as possible. 

Easy? Well... sometimes it can take a couple of seconds and sometimes a couple of minutes or more, it all depends on the twists and turns you make on the way! The inner cylinder which carries the maze is approximately 65mm tall and 40mm in diameter.

Have races with your friends,  put it on your desk, take it with you to the pub - a great diversion and something which will intrigue everyone you show it to.

The design comes from wgardner who published it on Thingiverse on January 17th 2014. The maze in the photograph below has been printed using 'Mellow Yellow' PLA filament from Faberdashery.